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WSJ’s Top 21 Most Influential Business Thinkers/Gurus

In keeping with the dual themes of leadership and mental focus I decided to include a list of the top 20 business thinkers (why 21 in my article?…because the Journal miscounted and had two listed as number 11) according to a Wall Street Journal Article published May 5, 2008.  In the upcoming weeks and months I will be highlighting each of these leaders and providing a snapshot of their driving philosophy.  While each of us may not have the time to read 20 books on leadership some great insights can be gleaned through studying a short synopsis of their styles.  Keep checking back for updates!  Now onto the list…

Name                                             Area of Expertise                          Recent Book

1.  Gary Hamel                        Strategy Guru                    The Future of management

2.  Thomas L. Friedman NY Times Columnist        Hot, Flat and Crowded

3.  Bill Gates                    Microsoft Chairman         Business at the Speed of Thought    

4.  Malcolm Gladwell       Author, Public Speaker           Blink, The Tipping Point

5.  Howard Gardner               Harvard Professor                Responsibility at Work

6.  Phillip Kotler                   Northwestern Professor            According to Kotler           

7.  Robert B.  Reich                       Ex-labor secretary             Supercapitalism

8.  Daniel Goleman                       Psychologist                      Social Intelligence

9.  Henry Mintzberg                    McGill Professor                 Strategy Safari

10.  Stephen R. Covey               Author, Speaker                7 Habits, 8th Habit

11.  Jeffrey Pfeffer               Stanford Professor            The Knowing Doing Gap 

12.  Peter Senge                        Author, Speaker                  The 5th Discipline

13.  Richard Branson          Entrepreneur, Virgin Founder         Big Shots

14.  Michael E. Porter              Harvard Professor         Redefining Healthcare            

15.  Michael S.  Dell                    Dell Founder                    Direct from Dell

16.  Geert Hofstede                       Author                   Culture’s Consequences

17.  Clayton M. Christensen        Harvard Professor         Seeing What’s Next             

18.  Jack Welch                        Former CEO General Electric       Winning               

19.  Tom Peters                            Author                       In Search of Excellence

20.  Myron S. Scholes                 Nobel Laureate          Taxes and Business Strategy

21.  Ikujiro Nonaka                Hitotsubashi professor    Knowledge Management

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